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Simplify your life

Cultivate peace of mind and consistent contentment by eliminating non-essentials. 

be free

There's more to life than being a slave to materialism for 50 hours every week.
Welcome to We Live in a Shed Dot Com!

This website chronicles the journey of Brandon and Tiffany, as we step off the beaten path while living in a 12x32 lofted barn cabin ... technically a storage shed.

Feel free to poke around the website to learn more about our exciting, albeit unconventional lifestyle. It's a lifestyle that forces us to be creative and conservative, as we trade some of our materialistic conveniences for the priceless feeling of peace of mind. 

You'll also be able to enjoy the silly antics associated with living alongside Trinity, who is our beloved Rottweiler puppy.

We hope to inspire you to simplify your own life, so you can focus on those things that truly matter. =)

 Thanks for visiting We Live in a Shed Dot Com.